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Physical Training.

Turkish Get-up

Introduction to Turkish Get-up

Equipment: Dumbbell or Kettlebell (KB preferably)

8 minutes of:
A1. Turkish Press x 8/side
A2. Turkish Sit-up x 6/side
90 second break
8 minutes of:
B1. Turkish Glute Bridge x 8/side
B2. Overhead split squat x 6/side
90 second break
8 minutes of:
C1. Turkish get-up practice x 2/side

PT May 31, 2021

Full Body Muscle Endurance

Equipment needed: Dumbbells, yoga mat

AMRAP 20 minutes

A1. DB deadlift to front squat x 5

A2. Push-up to renegade row x 5/side alternating

A3. Forward lunge to overhead press x 5/side alternating

A4. McGill sit-up to single leg glute bridge x 5/side


Superman hold finisher (Max 3 minutes)

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PT May 21

1. Equipment:  yoga mat, Dumbbells (moderate weight x2, light weight x2) , resistance band 

2. Workout:


2 sets mobility + activation: 10min 

Deadbug x2min

Hip Mobility Circuit x2min per side 

Shoulder slides 

Tabata: 4 min 

seal jacks, squat hold with foot reach,  lunge with twist L, lunge with twist R , squat with kick, pushup to side plank, hip bridge, burpee 

Full Body Circuit 

45sON/15s rest x 3 

Perform all reps of first exercise, if time remains in the round perform second exercise for the rest of time 

A1. DB Row  x10-12 / lateral shoulder raise hold 

A2. Rolling plank(side plank with arm rotation - plank - repeat on other side)

A3. Squat jump x10 / Sumo Squat hold  

B1  DB Snatch 

B2. DB Skullcrusher to floor press x10-12

B3. Skater hops 

C1. Band pull apart  x 30 

C2. Prone press  x10 

C3. Hip Bridge March 


Full body Muscle endurance

Equipment needed: dumbbells (light pair and medium pair)

EMOM 25 Minutes:
Dumbbell push press x 12
Dumbbell swing x 12
Dumbbell lateral shifts x 12/side
Dumbbell bent over flies x 12
Leg lifts x 12
Hand gliding sit-ups x 12

90 second break

Biceps curl hold finisher


Full Body Strength
Equipment needed: medium-heavy weight dumbbells

12 Minute AMRAP:
A1. Glute bridge floor press x 8
A2. Split squat x 8/side
A3. Dumbbell row off elbow x 8/side

2-minute break

12 Minute AMRAP:
B1. Sitting shoulder press x 8
B2. Single leg deadlift x 8/side
B3. Dumbbell pullover x 8

1-minute break

Zombie wall-sit finisher (3 minutes max)


Full body tabata 20s on: 10s off x6
Equipment dbs or long resistance band
Mini band
Something to place heels on elevated ex. Bench
Something to slightly elevated heels off ground ex. Plate

  1. Db deadlifts
  2. Db push press
  3. YTI
  4. Sissy squats
  5. Hand release burpees
  6. Db heels elevated hip thrusts
    45s break
    Core + cardio bonus 3 minute round
    10/side side plank knee tuck
    10 forward jumps
    10/side shoulder taps
    20 donkeys kicks